Let’s create together.

Lets create memories, moments, love, interactions + stories.  Being a photographer is a part of my identity, which is why I put so much effort into being more than just a vendor to you two. I want to create a long lasting friendship. The better we get to know each other, the easier it is for me to understand what is important to you + your significant other and incorporate that in your images.  Soooo. if having the time of your life, doing your favorite things sounds like your cup of tea. Click the button below and tell me about your love story!

Hey there! I’m Erin.

I am just a taco lovin, flat brimmed hat wearin, jammin to indie + folk music girl that LOVES love and all the creative ways everyone shows their significant others how they feel.

My favorite thing to do is capture the unscripted, messy moments, cause life is unscripted and messy and I’m really glad it is. My days would get pretty boring if everything went as I had planned. I’m a go with the flow kind of person with all aspects in my life, unless you’re going to the movies with me then we HAVE to be there early because the previews are my favorite part.

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