the adventurous soul behind the camera


Hey there!! I’m Erin and I’m a raw and unconventional elopement photographer based out of (BUT NOT EXCLUSIVE TO) lake tahoe, ca. Ive been doing this for two WHOLE years. wow. Thats something I never thought id be able to say, because it seemed so far out of reach, but here I am. So here it goes.. Ive been kicking it on this planet for 23 years. Cats, plants and traveling are the way to my heart. I have one ginger fur child named Auggie, who I love more than life itself. I love to travel. Anywhere and everywhere, count me in! My favorite kind of adventure are the imperfect
+ unplanned kind, I love sleeping out of rental cars and seeing the less touristy spots everywhere I go. I want to create memories that just couldn’t be made in a luxurious resort. Ive stayed in a camper van across Iceland for a week and lived out of a mini van in kauai for a couple days. The lack of good sleep is worth it to me when I see the breathtaking places all these bucket list locations have. I love meeting other wild souls such as myself and connecting on a deeper level than just business. I want to get a drink with you, talk to you about life, love and passions. I not only want you to be my client, but my good friend as well.  

let’s create together

xo erin


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